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Thread: Stretched Lobe is turning purple/black?

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    Stretched Lobe is turning purple/black?

    I have been stretching my ears for a little over a year now (on and off) and have never had this problem. When I took my plugs out this evening I noticed that my right ear is purple/black. Only a small area on the inside of my lobe is this colour (not the entire lobe). Is this due to the lack of blood flow? Possibly necrosis? I've removed my plugs and they've already shrunk one gauge size after being out for 30 minutes *sigh*. How might I go about treating my lobe now that I have this issue? Should I leave my plugs out for the next few days?

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    I don't have a picture of my lobe, but looks identical to the one in this video: http://youtu.be/Une4nmxoM_c

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    What size did you start at? How big were they before you took out the plugs?

    Read this: http://forums.bodyartforms.com/showt...ch-my-piercing

    And leave them naked for a while longer, see how they feel. Try massaging when they're not tender/unhealed and see if you can get them back into shape.
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    The fact that they shrunk a size in only 30 min is a bit weird too, it makes me think you didn't stretch correctly.
    What's your stretching history?
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    what sort of material are your plugs? Is your skin having some sort of crazy reaction to the material? I know silver will cause permanent discolouration, but other metals might as well.
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    :/ i wish i had better input than just to go naked for a while. keep an eye on your ear. if the color stays or gets worse or spreads, get to a doctor.
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    What size are you at? And yes, you should leave your plugs out. Not just for the next days, but untill your lobes look and feel healthy again, if it is only the discolouration that is wrong with it. You should probably visit a piercer that can feel your lobe and tell you what is wrong and what to do next.

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    It looks like some sort of bruising or blood bubble?

    Could you get us a photo of your lobe? Preferably clearer than the one in that video.
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    As I stated previously, I started stretching about a year and a half ago. I waited about 2-3 weeks between stretches. When I reached my goal of 0g, I decided I didn't want them anymore, and took them out. About a month later, they returned to a standard 16g, and I decided to stretch again. This happened numerous times over the course of the year. Late December/Early January I started stretching again from a 12g and knew I wanted them to be permeant. I stretched them to 3/4ths as of last week (they have shrunk back to 5/8ths). I wore stone (sometimes acrylic). Only my right ear has this discolouration. It is quite sore to the touch. Perhaps it ripped when I was stretching and it bruised over?

    Here is a picture: I am applying pressure to the back of my ear so that you can clearly see the discolouration. It is not swollen.

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    From 12g in December/January to 5/8 is waaaayyy too fast and both stone and acrylic are not things you want to stretch with.

    Starting from 12g in the middle of December you should be resting at about 8g right now with two more months to go.

    I'd just leave them out for a few months and if the purple area gets worse, see a doctor. It's possible it's "just" ripped and bruised, but with the amount of pressure it was under I don't think you can completely rule out tissue death - if you've ever seen people whose ear lobes basically stretched in half and died, well, it had to start somewhere. Even if it's just bruising, you've got some pretty big damage from stretching that quickly and it'd be in your best interest to let them heal as much as possible for a few months and do massages to minimise scar tissue if you're sure you'd like to stretch again in the future.

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