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Thread: Piercing crust

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    Piercing crust

    I got three new holes a week ago, all pierce and stretch, and they've just now started crusting. I got my septum and both lobes done.

    The jewelry I have for my septum is a CBB, and it moves a lot. Every time it crusts up, somehow the jewelry gets knocked around or I move it without thinking. When that happens, I usually get up and clean away the crusties, is that bad? My jewelry also moves a lot, it's really loose. I've tried putting it inside my nose so I doesn't move but my nostrils are to small. Is that a problem? I feel like it moving too much would hinder the healing. It feels fine though.

    My ears are crusting now too, when I clean them I get a good amount of crust on the q-tip, am I pushing too hard? My right ear is also pretty itchy sometimes. I thought it was because I wasn't cleaning it good enough, so I took my o-rings off and rings of crust came off. I wont be doing that often, but I think it made it better. Is taking o-rings off bad or is it okay to do? I put them back right after!

    I also have a question about cleaning. My piercer told me that for daily cleaning I should make saline, soak a q-tip in the solution and then clean around the piercings and that's it for basic cleaning. She told me I could soak them too, but that using a q-tip would be fine. I wan't to make sure that's okay for daily cleaning. I haven't soaked my piercings yet, should I be doing that like once a week or is it fine to just do what I'm doing? I don't really want to stare at a table for 15 minutes while I soak each piercing. I will If I have to though!

    My lobes are also slightly warm, but not hot. I'm sure that's not a problem, but with my right ear being itchy and them both being warm it was slightly worrying, but I don't think it's 'infection hot'. Would I be able to tell if they were infected? I definitely don't think they're infected but I want to know what to look out for!

    One more, I promise!
    My piercer said 6 months for my piercings to heal, but how long until I can change the jewelry? I'd like to change my septum jewelry to something that gets knocked around less, like a retainer.

    These are my first piercings, and I'm nervous I'm not doing things right! They're also both 8g, so I'm a little intimidated. Thanks for answering all my questions, I know this is a long post, but I really appreciate your time!

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    I'd recommend soaking over using Q-tips actually. With Q-tips you're poking and prodding at the healing piercing and you might irritate it. Also because the little cotton fibers can come off and get attached to your piercing, which can lead to irritation or infection.
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    I never used q-tips, I soaked my piercings for 5-10 minutes each while watching TV.

    I'll be honest - I think you're messing with them too much. Stop touching them ! Let crust happen and leave it be - let it wash off in the shower or while you're soaking them. Ripping it off and touching your ears when the piercings are still fresh wounds is just going to irritate them. Same goes for the septum.

    Itching is normal. It means they're healing. Try not to scratch the itch, though. Some warmth is also normal.

    If you feel the septum is getting knocked around too much - talk to your piercer and ask about having them change it to a retainer for you.

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    You're right, I am messing with them too much. I stalk these forums all the time and I always see people touching their piercings too much and I always think, 'Keep your hands away from it!" but I guess its different when its your own body

    I also think you're right, sneferie, when I think about it, q-tips sound like a bad idea.
    I tried to soak my nose/ears in a plastic shot glass that I have and all I ended up doing was getting water down my shirt. Is there an easier way to do this?

    My piercer is three hours away, and I can't drive myself. When do you think, generally, that I can change my own jewelry? About a month, maybe?

    I really appreciate both of your answers! Thanks for taking the time.

    I'm Ren!
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    Look on the forum for the sss-threads, there are some good tips there :P

    I use a cup with pretty slanting edges for both nose and lobes though, I just put the lobe/nose into the cup and slant it as much as I can without the water leaking too much and angle my head a little if necessary to make sure the piercings are fully covered. Always bring a towel with you to hold under the cup

    Don't try changing your own jewelry in healing piercings. You don't know what you're doing and you're not used to handling jewelry yourself so you might just damage the piercings.
    The lobes are a different story since there are no threaded ends involved, so you can probably try changing the plugs in about 2 months maybe? As long as you change to single flared glass, steel or titanium. I think you need to visit your piercer about the septum jewelry. Ask him/her to change that for a septum retainer instead that you can keep flipped up. That way it'll stay where it should the whole time of healing
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    I sort of had my head tipped a bit to the side and I used a paper towel to create a seal of sorts between the rim of the glass and the side of my head.

    I imagine nose is easier to soak, but I've never done it, personally.

    When you can change the jewellery depends on your body. A month seems really short to me, but I guess it depends on what you're doing. I started taking mine out to clean them around the four month period or so, I think. I guess I was really hands-off, I just didn't want to touch them for the longest time because to me they still felt really "delicate", but I'm pretty sure I took longer than normal for them to heal, too.

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    The q-tipping definitely has the possibility of causing problems in the future. I'm currently healing a daith piercing and a few weeks ago it was angry and developing bumps because I was q-tipping it far too often. It has since calmed down and the bumps have disappeared.

    Whenever I soaked my septum, I just put a towel across my lap and dunked my nose in it while watching TV. For my ear, I lay a towel on a table and place the a mug full of SSS over it and bend over to stick my ear in it. Everyone likes to soak differently, so I guess just experiment and find something that works for you.

    I agree with your piercer as well, I would wait it out instead of changing your jewelry. The crusties will calm down soon and I think changing the jewelry will end up doing more damage than good if changed earlier than 5-6 months into the game.
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