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Thread: Oral Piercings at the Dentist

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    Oral Piercings at the Dentist

    Kind of an odd question, but I was just wondering what some of you do when you go to the dentist with an oral piercing? (take it out, change the jewellery, retainer, etc) I had my lip pierced 6 weeks ago and I'm due for a check-up soon (I've been trying to delay it). Also have you ever been "lectured" about your piercings while there?

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    I never used to take my tongue barbell out for the dentist. The first time I went to him after getting it done, I actually made a point of asking whether he thought the placement was bad for my teeth. He mentioned that he didn't like oral piercings because he'd seen some truly damaging ones, but mine didn't look too risky. He gave me honest advice, but he certainly didn't lecture me or make me feel bad for having it. I would have found it pretty unprofessional if he had.
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    Mine has worked with me if I said I was unable to remove something, but I also removed anything I could to make their jobs easier.

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    Only time I had to remove my piercing was for x-rays. I had pierced it three weeks prior, and had to remove it. Other than that, my dentist just jokes about my piercings

    Edit: I also had to remove my eyebrow piercing for the x-ray.
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    My dentist usually ignore them but the girl that help him usually asks polite questions, lol.
    However if you need a scan (for wisdom teeth per example) the metal barbell do little flashes on the scan so you might need to switch to bioplast.
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    I was curious about this, too, so we both get some answers
    I have an appointment next week, so we'll see if mine lectures me (he complains about my other ones even if they have nothing to do with my mouth, haha).

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    In my generation, some would lecture harshly and force you to remove all jewelry. Your favorite piercers can sometimes point you toward piercing friendly dentists and doctors. I don't have oral piercings but use bioplast in all of my piercings prior to any doctor/dental appointment in case some type of x-ray ends up having to be taken. I've had to remove all my jewelry for an MRI once and it was a PITA. I just prefer not to have to fuss around this particular issue.

    ETA: Keep in mind I'm 50+
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    i think it greatly depends on ur age and if u have ur own insurance or ur parents.

    when i had my parents insurance i used to take out my lip piercing for the dentist (back when i only had one) if they asked.
    now that i'm an adult and have my own insurance and i'm the one paying them, i just tell them i "can't" take them out and they deal with it.
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    I have lip piercings, when they ask me to take them out I tell them I don't know how. Surprisingly the x-ray machine doesn't explode and they don't get in the way at all.

    I haven't really been lectured, but when I showed up with my first lip piercing they told me I should wear "plastic" jewelry, heh.
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    My dentist lectures me everytime I go. Even though she has admitted my piercings have caused no damage (longest I've had an oral piercing is 10years). I get the lecture and then she snarkily puts on my record "Continues to have oral piercings despite my advice against them".

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