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Thread: Tips on changing VCH jewelry

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    Tips on changing VCH jewelry

    So I got my VCH pierced on September 3rd by Elayne Angel. Since it was done, I have had no pain, no soreness or swelling. very uneventful and peaceful healing.

    I have been considering stretching it to a 12g or trying out different jewelry styles for pleasure gain but am concerned about changing it myself. am worried that on get the jewelry out, I won't be able to get it back in due to the angle and lack of visual.

    I would go and have it changed by an artist but I am a bit shy around Mike, and the only female artist I would trust is about 45 minutes away so my best bet is to do it myself.

    Does anyone have any tips that could make it easier?

    Also, stretching wise, what was your experience? What size did you start at and how long after did you go to the next size? Did you find it painful, uncomfortable, and was it difficult for you to change it yourself (or did you have it done by an artist?) I was pierced with and am currently a 14g but would like a 12g.

    I won't do it for at least another few months just because I want to order a 12g version of the one I'm currently wearing and don't currently have the funds to do so due to Holiday gifts, but I like to be overly prepared and gain as much information as I can. It makes me feel safe I suppose haha.
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    I get my husband to change mine... But then again it's 8 years old and very well healed. Personally I'd go to a piercer since it's so new.

    Stretching it was uneventful. 12g slid straight in with no effort. That's about it really.

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    A threaded taper is the way forward!

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    yeah I would suggest a taper.........
    I know a septum is NOT the same, but I used a taper when i changed the jewelry for that, especially at first.

    I really don't know about anything below the belt though
    It's fine. Relax.

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    I had mine done at 14g for years (several different jewelry changes while 14g) and then I decided to go to 12g and a cbr just slid right in.
    I sit with my legs crossed (indian style) and lay back.
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    If your planning on waiting a few months to get the new jewelry you likely won't need a taper. That tissue self stretches quickly and by the time you get the new barbell it should just slide right it.

    I also find inserting top to bottom to be the only way I'll change jewelry. It takes a lot of guessing out of the equation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha_Sick View Post
    I sit with my legs crossed and lay back.
    Going to sound like a massive creeper, but the visual of that is hilarious.

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    Just in case, and to ease possible frustration, you might have a hand-mirror around to be able to squat over it or at least for a quick peek while lying back. That way, if you lose it, you can at least get your bearings again.

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    I used to just sit and lean back so any skin in the way (including my belly) was taut and stretched out and not in the way. Then I preferred the bottom to top method, I would but the barbell under my hood and almost always managed to find the hole after a few seconds of gentle wiggling. Then I would just pull the bar through the top hole and hold my hood between my fingers so it wouldn't slip and screw the ball on (always the trickiest part for me). Rubber gloves are a godsend when doing this.
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    I had a rough time changing my jewelry downtown for the first time. All of the unpleasant poking over the course of half an hour made me lightheaded, shaky, and nauseated.

    If I ever had to deal with a jewelry swap again I'd go to a piercer; I'm not shy about these things.

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