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Thread: Shaving over tattoos, yea or nay?

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    Shaving over tattoos, yea or nay?

    So, I see some people shave over their ink, some don't.
    Why do people do this/not do this? Is it just to increase tattoo visibility?
    I do, when I think of it, but my arm-hair isn't all that prolific so I don't think about it much.

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    I was hooking up with a guy years ago that had a pinup on his leg.
    He just shaved where the pinup was and left everything else.
    Back then I thought it was kinda weird.
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    I do. But I have leetle white-blonde arm hairs and my tattoo is solid black, so I feel like it looks bad with any hair there. So now I shave my arms completely. x__x

    2/3 of the guys where I work shave over their tattoos.

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    It's a personal preference thing. I don't shave over my Martian cupcake on my calf.
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    I don't shave over my tattoos and I'm pretty hairy. However, its been a year and a half since I got my calf tattooed and the hair has only grown back halfway anyway.
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    I shave over my tattoos, my arm looks so much better with no hair on it. Nice thing is I only have to shave them about once every 2 weeks before it becomes noticeable
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    I have before i am a hairy guy i just use a trimmer and trim my back and ribcage i think it showes details better but i dont shave my arms
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    I shave the small bit of hair that covers the daisy tattoo behind my left ear. If I didn't, you'd barely notice it, and I'd like it to be visible (even though I can't even see it, haha). I shave the little arm hairs over my forearm tattoo, even though there aren't many of them. It bothers me that the skull gets hairy. I don't bother shaving over my foot tattoos much because I don't actually get much hair that grows over the ink.

    I'm getting my calf tattooed on the 26th, and shave my legs anyway, so that will definitely get shaved over once it's all healed.
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    I sugar paste my boyfriend's tattoos every like 2 months because it lasts longer than shaving and he likes the look better...I also like that it pays him back for being a brat
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    well as of late ill have to start shaving my upper chest since i got a new tattoo, but i would say it does look better that way

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