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Thread: Is my septum going to be okay? (pierced at an angle)

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    Unhappy Is my septum going to be okay? (pierced at an angle)

    I got my septum pierced two days ago. I love it and it feels great. I'm worried though and I don't know how to explain how it was pierced but here it goes:

    One side goes perfectly in the space of skin between the cartilage of my nose and the large area of skin in between the nostrils. But the other side comes out slightly through the large area of skin in the front of my nose rather than in between it and the cartilage.

    Is this okay? Does it affect the healing time/process of my septum?
    Thanks ahead of time for answering!

    I can't get a picture. It ends up blurry.
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    Could you post a crisp photo showing the placement?

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    I think if it feels fine and has no problems then it will only be aesthetically unpleasing. Depending on how crooked it is (it's hard to tell from your description) you might have a harder time healing.
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    I know what you're talking about, I've seen it before. It can actually be a huge problem, because it might be through the cartilaginous portion on the outside of your septum. It might put pressure on it because of the angle etc. Pictures would help.
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    +1 to what Chloe said.

    Also, if you have any plans to stretch, the pressure could increase dramatically. I have a slightly deviated septum so my piercing had to be slightly "crooked" to actually sit straight on my face. I am at a 10g. I went up to an 8 for a very short time, but I wasn't ready or equipt to deal with the pressure on my cartilage, which probably would have been easier had my septum been straight and happy.

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