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Thread: How bad should a nose piercing bleed?

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    How bad should a nose piercing bleed?

    My friend got her nostril pierced and after it was done there was quite a bit of blood. I have gotten a few piercings before and this blood seemed excessive. Is it normal?

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    People are just different...

    I've witnessed a lot of piercings, and I've seen a lot of blood and no blood at all. Hell, when I got my nostril pierced, the first one bled and the second one didn't.
    Also, I know a lot of piercers do step-down for nostrils, where you use a larger needle than the jewelry size. That can cause some extra bleeding.

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    Your friend could be a bleeder. I agree with Hayley, it's different for everyone and even then different for each body part for the same person. As long as there's clotting occurring, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    My first nostril piercing didn't bleed at all. My second one bled a tiny drop, hardly enough to notice.
    The third one poured blood like a faucet, it was weird. So long as you clot up decently quickly, I don't see it as an issue.
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    Something else to consider aside from some people just bleeding more, is some medications are blood thinners as well.

    When I got mine done I didn't bleed at all (until two days later when I woke up with blood around one, woops?).

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    Vitamin E also thins blood, so if your friend is taking it as a supplement, that could also be a factor.
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    I have personally never seen one bleed much like a drop or two. Your friend could be a bleeder or the piercer could have hit something.

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