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Thread: How to insert a silicon earskin (2g)

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    How to insert a silicon earskin (2g)

    I just received my 2g taper and yellow silicon earskin (double flared). After stretching my ear, I tried putting in the earskin in but it wouldn't fit. Should I stretch up to a 0g to fit the earskin or is there a waiting period before I put jewelry in?

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    you aren't using the silicone earskin literally right after you stretched are you?

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    You shouldn't be using an earskin to stretch you need to wait and get some steel, or glass single flared/no flared plugs

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    You shouldn't be wearing silicone just yet. Steel, titanium, or glass single flared/no flared plugs are your best friend. I haven't worn earskins (obviously...I'm only at 14g) but from what I hear, they can be kinda hard/weird to get in at first, but after that first time, they're easy. You definitely don't need to be at 0g to wear the earskin. If you're at 2g, you wear 2g jewelry.

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    Yeah silicone is too porous to wear till your hole is healed. Once its healed I find the trick is to kinda fold the earskin in half, put it in your ear then expand it back out to its normal size.
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    As was hinted at, you definitely don't want to just leave the taper in and wear that! You made a smart choice by planning to put plugs in after tapering, now we just need to get you some appropriate jewelry that will be alright for a fresh stretch. Once you wait a few weeks you should be able to wear the earskins without any trouble, and without having to stretch anymore.

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