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Thread: Mosquito bite ON MY EARLOBE.

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    Mosquito bite ON MY EARLOBE.

    The title is pretty self explanitory, but I'm not sure what to do. While camping, I slept without plugs in, and I woke up with what I'm PRETTY sure is a mosquito bite.
    My ears are completely healed and have been for several months, so I don't think this is a boil or a zit. They're 0g and I usually wear SF glass colorfronts in them. There's no discharge, redness, or pain. Just a generic bug bite bump and lots and lots of ITCHING.
    I'm wondering how I should deal with this. Should I put regular mosquito bite medicine (benadryl spray, I use it on every other bug bite) or is that a bad idea?
    I know it may be harder to help without pictures, but I don't have a camera, sorry... D:

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    Senior Member Adwoa's Avatar
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    Personally, I wouldn't change anything from my ear care.. except maybe leaving the plug out if that seems to irritate the bug bite. My mosquito bites tend to stop bothering me within a day...

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    Alright, I'll do that. Thanks!

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    Rubbing alcohol! Seriously it is a wonderful thing, it is too harsh for daily use which is why the protocol of using it to heal piercings of the ear, but for issues like this it truely is your best bet because it helps get rid of the itching and neutralize the toxins in the bite that cause it to swell and itch. Rubbing alcohol is the base of most after bite care products. Also if it is a zit or acne on the piercing it will work good too, be sure to follow it with something moisturizing like lotion or oil to prevent dry out which is the biggest risk when using rubbing alcohol. Mosquitos love me so much, this helps 100% of the time.

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    Eeek...I would encourage you NOT to use rubbing alcohol on your skin, personally. If the itching is bothering you I'd suggest using a bit of calamine lotion (applied with a q-tip). Otherwise I'd just carry on with your normal routine, as Adwoa suggested.

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    I am gonna +1 what Detashi says, recently when I got a mosquito bite on a fairly new cartilage piercing it put so much pressure on it I was tempted to take it out because it hurt so bad. I used 2 applications of rubbing alcohol on the area and all swelling, irritation, and itching was gone. The pain was immediately relieved.
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    Im gonna back up Jellybean and Adwoa... Better safe than sorry with your lobes. The itching will subside rather quickly, probably by tomorrow morning and then just give it time calm down and heal.

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    Please don't put rubbing alcohol on your ear lobe. Just don't do it. Just leave it alone and it will go away soon.

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    +1 to no rubbing alcohol!
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    Haha, no to the alcohol. Wayyy to harsh for my skin; even diluted tea tree oil dries me up.
    I DID dab a little bit of the benadryl spray on it though, and that's seems to have done the trick! The swelling has gone down quite a bit, and so has the itching.

    I totally recommend this stuff. It's a little sticky, but it's really been helping.
    Thanks for the advice guys!

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