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Thread: how long to wait to gauge from 2g to 0g?

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    how long to wait to gauge from 2g to 0g?

    i know this stretch is one of the biggest, so i'm aware that i'm going to have to wait longer than i have with my other stretches. but, how long is enough time? i know everyone's different but if someone could give me a kind of general time i'd appreciate it.

    will it hurt less if i wait longer? i only waited for about a week, stretched, and got an infection in one ear and a blowout in the other. so i downsized, they're all healed, and i want to know how long i should wait to get back up there again.

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    Your best option is to either tape or stretch to 1g, wait a couple of months, then see if 0g will go in without force. It should never hurt to stretch. Here's more info, or you could search the forum for similar questions if need be: http://forums.bodyartforms.com/showt...ch-my-piercing
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    I was at 2g for a little over three months and dead stretched to 1g because it slid in like butter. Again, I waited a little over three months until 0g slipped in with no problem.
    I'd suggest investing in some 1g plugs (BAF sells them) and just waiting until they slip in, and doing the same thing with 0g. Or you could tape, but I found the 1g plugs to be an easier option in my opinion.

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    I was @ 2g for a year before I stretched, just because I had considered 2g as my goal size, then decided to go bigger. I tried to taper to a 0g, which was really stupid. I went back to 2g & had those in for several weeks before I dead stretched to 1g w/o a problem. A couple months later I was able to dead stretch to a 0g w/ no problem whatsoever. That was just a few weeks ago & now I'm able to wear DF in 0g & I couldn't be happier .

    Just listen to your body & remember that it shouldn't hurt. If it's hurting, it's too fast. I wholeheartedly recommend glass single flares in 1g.

    Good luck!
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    Hmmm, I expected to come in here to see a mass of "amg its stretching not gauging amg." Weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omnipotato View Post
    Hmmm, I expected to come in here to see a mass of "amg its stretching not gauging amg." Weird.
    Yes, everyone has been very good about staying on topic. (ahem)

    I was at 2g for i think about 4 months and I dead stretched to 1g for a couple of months before dead stretching to zero. Oddly enough, this, which is supposed to be one of the hardest stretches to make, was the easiest for me (if I recall correctly) because I used the 1g step to 0g and waited until my ears were ready for the stretch rather than forcing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myanimalhome View Post
    will it hurt less if i wait longer? i only waited for about a week...
    yes, it will -hurt- less if you wait longer... in fact, if you wait long enough - it might even not -hurt- at all... actually, it SHOULD NOT hurt, as the others have been telling you...

    a week is not enough time... in fact, if you truly did get an infection - and were prescribed antibiotics from a doc - then you would 'know' that your 'course' of antibiotics is not even finished for ten days, usually...

    im sure the answer is gonna be something that we will chide you for - but what has your stretching-history up till now been like ? did you rush the process ? if you did, then since you are finally starting to think about things - please take this opportunity to wait, wait , WAIT... like at LEAST a month, and as others (and the guidelines) have said, prolly several months...

    i know that i, and many others, have rushed some of our stretches - but the hope is that eventually, it all evens out... please try to have some more patience right now - and take your time with this upcoming stretch... good luck, h.

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    thank you, this is all really helpful. apologies for my mis-wording, i know it's 'stretching' and not 'gauging'. i wasn't aware of 1g so i will defnitely look into those - thank you all.

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    I'm going to break away from the group consensus here and share this little tidbit of weirdness. I waited three months after going to a 2g and the 0g taper went in like it was nothing. It didn't hurt me at all. My ears weren't even red. I probably could have dead-stretched if I'd have known it was going to be that insanely easy. But don't get me wrong. Everyone else's advice is probably your best bet. My ears are just... weird and stretchy and nice to me.
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