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Thread: Conservative Work Appropriate Jewelry?

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    Conservative Work Appropriate Jewelry?

    Just looking to see what everyone else is wearing to work when they need to be more on the concervative side of things. We have no piercing/mod mentions in our dress code, but there is a unspoken rule about dressing it down and remaining conservative.

    Right now I wear earskins and colorfronts, sometimes together, sometimes separate. I also on Fridays sometimes pull out super spirals which I adore.

    I'm looking at some of the petal plugs (5751), and I've ordered CZ faced plugs to try out as well. However like most people I work Monday through Friday and I am not a huge fan of wearing the same three pieces over and over and over. So what do you wear to work? Bonus points for photos!

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    Earskins alone aren't very conservative! :-P I usually wear my economy CZ plugs and colorfronts, and I've worn Kaos solid front plugs, too, but I don't have any in my current size. (today I'm wearing colorfronts through earskins) When I wear regular clothes instead of scrubs, I wear small hangies. Never anything too big and crazy, just because I'm here for 8 hours, and they get too heavy. I'm only at 6g now, though, so hangies aren't too obvious, especially if I wear my hair down.

    I wore these a couple weeks ago:

    And these yesterday (not with scrubs; this is an old picture):
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    My work has no policy on earrings. I don't have to be more conservative either. I just have to make sure I don't wear anything that could easily tangle or break while doing physical labor (small hoops, plugs are a good idea; giant hanging things aren't). That being said, sometimes I have events (such as family gatherings, charity dinners, job interviews) where wearing more conservative jewelry is a good idea.

    What size are your lobes? That plays a significant role in what you can do to hide them. I'm at 6 gauge, which is small enough to be easy to hide, but large enough that it's clearly stretched if I'm not hiding it.

    This is a silicone hider plug, purchased off this site, which can be pierced with more conservative jewelry. From the front, you'd never know that I have stretched lobes. On the back, you do see a skin-tone plug and O-ring (which is necessary to balance the weight of the front).

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    My lobes are at 3/4" right now and I just wear solid jewelry, nothing that can be seen through, and nothing super flashy... And I work in an office setting...

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    My petal plugs are some of my favorites for work. I also like to wear my cameos from babypietatoo. I mostly stay away from earskins, eyelets, clear plugs, and hanging designs. I also refrain from wearing nostril or septum jewelry, even though there are no written rules about piercings in the dress code.
    I work in a professional environment, and I'm sure everyone has noticed my ears by now, but no one seems to mind since I try to be as classy as possible :-)

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    I tend to stick with understatement plugs for work. Mainly stone and glass. The petal plugs are one of my favourites, too.
    What I donĀ“t wear are obviously see-through jewelry like earskins, eyelets or clear plugs. I still wear translucent things though, but at my size (4g) they are not overly see-through yet. I also stay away from attention catching flashy/sparkly things, since they would look out of place at my work imo. Hanging designs are banned on most days because of safety issues.

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    I've found the glass petal plugs to be perfect for meetings. the office. etc.

    Champagne petals and others.

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    I don't work in an office or anything like that (I don't actually work at all right now!), but I would probably say something organic in a plug style (i.e. not a tunnel or eyelet) would be "appropriate." I wouldn't think of steel, acrylic (in any other color than maybe black or something that matches your outfit perhaps), silicone or any of that as being particularly "conservative", but I'm just speaking from the point of view of someone with 3/4" ears. I think having anything below, say, 0g would not matter much because they are so small, but I don't know YOUR office's dress code.

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    I am at 1/2", and I pretty much stick to solid glass and stone for work... No tunnels, eyelets or hangies. I used to have a very white-collar job and now I'm a teacher, and no one has ever said anything about it. I (obviously?) wear a retainer in my septum and try to always dress in a way that is appropriate and "put-together," and I think that's the most important part; if you look professional other than conservative stretched-ear jewelry and you are a good employee, there is almost no reason for anyone to say anything.

    I have actually gone months and months without coworkers noticing my plugs (despite quite short hair), and then one day they go: "You know what your earrings remind me of? Those weird people with the big holes in their ears!" This has happened to me more than once! I think the embarrassment that results once I explain that I actually am one of those "weird people" despite not fitting their preconceived stereotype is a good life lesson for them
    Holes: 1/2" lobes, 6g seconds, 0g flats, 8g septum, 14g diagonal nipples, 8g triangle

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    I'm a 8g(DF)/6g(SF) now, but probably looking to stop at 4g for at least a couple of years. I should hit 4g before then end of this year. I have an ongoing internal debate about 2g, but am opting to just see what I like about 6g and 4g first.

    I find earskins work well for me in 8g, as they are flush and don't look like anything with my hair down. My job is very white collar, lots of conservative people in my industry, and unfortunately with that comes judgemental people. I'd rather head off any issues by playing down my piercings, rather then risk instigating something detrimental to my career. While most people don't notice, once and awhile people do and the reaction isn't comfortable, or ever fantastic, just flat out awkward because its always been judgemental.

    I like the idea of the silicone hider plugs pierced with a 20g earring. I'll definitely look at trying that with my next order. I also adore the hangy idea, actually I think I just love those ones! You guys have great suggestions.

    Adowa, what you've got in for that photo is pretty much exactly what I'd like to do Monday through Friday. Its perfect, subtle, yet classy, and they all coordinate. I love it.

    What about faceted plugs?

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