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Thread: best microdermal location

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    best microdermal location

    which micro dermal locations have the best chance of not rejecting?

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    Re: best microdermal location

    I had one in the dip in the very center of my collar bone and i never had a single problem with it. It stayed in for a good 3 years until i was forced to have it removed because the ENT who did my tonsillectomy said i CAN NOT have any piercings in while they do it. (i guess there is a risk of getting burned because they were removing the tonsils with an electro-cautery tool.) </p>

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    Re: best microdermal location

    I just got micros on the top of each wrist, and apparently it's a really decent spot because there's low movement against bone (unlike clavicles or sternum or something on thin skin) and the skin is fairly thick. I think any place that's in thicker and lower movement areas of skin are pretty solid places as long as you take care of them.

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    Re: best microdermal location

    im considering doing it right underneath my navel

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    Re: best microdermal location

    I can't imagine that would be a big problem, except for the possibility of rubbing or getting caught on clothes, so you would definitely need to be careful. But that's kind of true for any piercing really...and the other sick thing about micro dermals is how little they hurt. I was amazed at how easy it was for something pretty invasive. Definitely less painful then any other piercing I've had. Then again I had them done with the punch and taper method, not sure if it's different with the needle-pocket method...

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    Re: best microdermal location

    how exactly does the punch and taper method work? They punch your skin, how do they taper it?

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    Re: best microdermal location

    Well they make a perfectly round hole with a tiny dermal punch, which is for the sure the most painful part, and still entirely harmless, and then to create a pocket they insert a taper sideways and move it around, separating the skin layers where the dermal is to sit. It sounds pretty nasty, but apparently because it is underneath the layers of skin with all the nerves in it, it feels like nothing at all. Like you can feel it moving, but there's absolutely no pain. At least there wasn't for me. The taper thing always sounded complicated to me until I had it done, and really it's just the device they use to create a pocket in the skin.

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    Re: best microdermal location

    Honestly, I believe the best spot would be somewhere where it's not going to get caught on anything so the ideal "best spot" would be different for everyone. Me for example, my other job is in a lumber yard and i work on cars so i cant really have anything on my arms, hands, etc - the best spot for me was my clavicle. As far as anyone else; I've known people who had them on their face and they got caught on their hair and ripped out. As for the piercing method, I've had both performed and pain-wise, i didn't notice much of a difference. what annoyed me the most was the actual insertion of the jewelry, and the really "tight" feeling afterward but over all, it wasn't band. infact, the next morning i had forgotten and scratched at it thinking it was a scab until i had that "OMFG, STOP" reaction when i realized it just didn't hurt anymore. </p>

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    Re: best microdermal location

    [quote user="KylaN."]Then again I had them done with the punch and taper method, not sure if it's different with the needle-pocket method...[/quote]</p>

    I had two sternum MD's done with the needle method and they were probably the most painful piercing I've ever had, pretty much tied with the pain from my retired nipple piercings.</p>

    Also, I agree about clothes. Under the navel could be okay if you wear low-rise pants. I would think that if you wore jeans and sat down it could possibly rub against it and cause irritation, but I'm not experienced with low-rise jeans... </p>
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    Re: best microdermal location

    <P mce_keep="true">I think it is relative to the person. E.g. I'm quite skinny so there's a "dip" just inside my hipbones - this is where I got my MDs. They don't get hit on anything (myhipbones do instead haha!)and are happy as Larry. But I have heard that the hip area in general is bad - so it's definitely a person-to-person thing.

    Edit- be careful if you do get it under your navel if you like tight pants. I never wear tight jeans, but on the few occasions I have my dermals got a little bit pissy for a day or so. </P>

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