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Thread: How do I stretch my piercing?

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    How do I stretch my piercing?

    Before reading this.. let's link out to some stuff that can and probably will happen if you stretch too fast or skip gauges:

    #1 BLOWOUTS:

    #2 TEARING TISSUE (which leads to blowouts and cat butt effect):



    Stretching Guide
    How to properly use tapers to stretch your piercings

    For jewelry, you will need to start with a taper that has a flat or concave back, and a non-flare plug (with a flat end) OR a single flare plug. DO NOT stretch with a double flare plugs because that will essentially stretch you two sizes at once, which can lead to tears or damage to your tissue. ONLY use steel, titanium, or glass jewelry in your piercing after the fresh stretch while it heals. DO NOT use organics or acrylic. Do not use pinchers or claws to stretch because it's uneven and doesn't flatten out at a certain gauge like a taper does.

    Everyone has a goal in how far they want to stretch their piercing, and you want to get there as quickly as possible, but stretching takes time and patience. Only stretch up one gauge at a time. NEVER skip a gauge! This could rip your piercing, cause infection, and just overall make your piercing very ugly and nasty looking! Listen to your body. There should absolutely be no blood or excess tearing when stretching. DO NOT force or shove a taper through your piercing! Estimated healing time chart between stretches

    Fresh piercing to first stretch: Approx 5 to 6 months
    16g to 14g - 1 month
    14g to 12g - 1 month
    12g to 10g - 1.5 months
    10g to 8g - 2 months
    8g to 6g - 3 months
    6g to 4g - 3 month
    4g to 2g - 3 months
    2g to 1g - 3 months
    1g to 0g - 3 months
    0g to 00g - 4 months

    *There are inbetween sizes (such as 7g, 5g, and 3g) to help if you are having trouble stretching, or if you just want to insure a more gradual stretch*

    Soak your piercing in warm water (or take a shower) to help relax and soften the tissue right before you stretch.

    Get some lubricant (For a natural approach use jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, or emu oils) and spin the tip of the taper 1/3 into the lubricant and remove any excess. Having too much excess lubricant can make your taper and jewelry slippery to hold onto.

    Put the small end of the taper in the piercing and SLOWLY push it forward to the larger end until you meet some resistance. Look in the mirror and if the taper is more than halfway through the stretch should be fairly easy. Take a deep breath and as you exhale slowly push the taper until you only have about 1/4" of the taper left to go. You should now be sitting on the level end of the taper. Your stretch is done and you're ready to put the jewelry in. Do not take the taper out. You may feel a small sense of discomfort, but stretching should not be causing pain.

    Line up your plug to the end and slowly use the plug as a way to push the rest of the taper out. This way you have a clean stretch from the taper to the plug.

    You’re done! Treat your newly stretched piercing as a new piercing. Wash it daily with an antimicrobial soap or by doing sea salt soaks. Do not touch it with your hands throughout the day.

    This is for people who have stretched and then may one day decide to let their piercings close up.
    Keep in mind that everyone's body is different, so this is not a set in stone rule, just a general guide to most people.

    If you are at smaller gauges (say 10g, 8g, 6g MAYBE 4g) then your chances of it closing are pretty good.

    Most people agree that 2g is the "point of no return". If you go to a 2g, expect it to be permanent. If you do take it out, it might shrink down to a 6g or 8g.

    Just remember, any type of stretching should be viewed as a permanent modification. Think about it very hard before you make these choices, ESPECIALLY before going to the larger gauges like 2g and up.
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